Thanks to Halisaclub, you can discover your Sicilian roots and reconnect with your Sicilian heritage...

...Or have a chance to meet the unique scents of our traditional recipes!


The purpose of this experience is to reconnect descendants of Sicilian emigrants with their native families living in Sicily, thereby facilitating a getting-together of extended families, who might have lost (or never had!) contact. I wish my work in this regard to help promote reconnection members of the greater Sicilian diaspora, who might have lost touch. As such, I want to be a “bridge” between you and your Sicilian family.

My program consists of different steps:

- To rebuild your family tree    


- To contact the City Hall looking for your relatives still living in Sicily     


- To establish a contact with the native family            


- To organize the meeting

- To assure a linguistic support during the meeting (interpreting service both with Italian and Sicilian         language)   


- To assume a supporting role during your stay in Sicily (information about the native town, its history   and   traditions, guided excursions to the places with a historical-artistic interest)

 -To encourage the continuity of the relationship with your Sicilian family, after you come back home


The cooking classes represent a nice opportunity to delve into Sicilian culture through our rich culinary art.
Inside a real Sicilian kitchen you will get to know the aromas and flavours of typical Sicilian food.

An unforgettable voyage among the delicious traditional recipes that best characterize Sicilian culture as expressed through its cuisine.      


We will cook side by side a complete meal, discovering the “secrets of our grandmothers” and we will have lunch together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

The one-day cooking class is available both in Italian, English or Spanish and It lasts about 6 hours.

It is possible to choose the menu according with your taste. A Vegetarian menu is also available.


Mari Paivi Gary e Abe Gail
Marie e la cugina svizzera 2
Corso di cucina Silvia, Susan e Angie 2
Arancine con Leo
Boys and girls