Hello! My name is Maricetta and I teach the Italian language and Sicilian culture to foreigners.

I have done this job for 28 years and I love it! After so many years, I still feel the same passion and enthusiasm…

I took a degree in foreign languages and literature, hoping that this qualification would give me the opportunity to work with people from abroad. I am lucky because I have realized my dream!

As well as loving the teaching of languages, I also have a passion for art, history and literature. I feel so fortunate to have been born in Sicily, a wonderful island rich in culture, art and magic traditions and I would like to share all this with you! 

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Follow me and you’ll discover a different way to know and love Sicily!   


So, why did I choose the name Halisaclub?

Well, when Arabs conquered Sicily, in the 9th century, the Emir chose an area, in Palermo, where he wanted to live with his Court and he called it “al halisah” meaning the chosen one, the favourite one. The name Halisaclub comes from this Arab word…

Here some photos with my lovely students! 

Mari e console
Iryna , io e le ortensie
Ela, Jerzy e Mari
Ulf e Mari sul dondolo
Cecilia, Marina e Karin
Susan + Mari
Mari e Linda in poltrona
Mari e Tony 2
Dawn Sun e Mari in veranda (1)
Paivi, Ange e Mari
Ange, Mari, Gary e Abe Gail
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Immagine WhatsApp 2022-10-13 ore 00.46.28
Immagine WhatsApp 2023-07-06 ore 08.47.45
Immagine WhatsApp 2023-09-16 ore 20.34.00


Feel free to to reach out to me, I’d love to talk to you!